Our purpose is to provide comprehensive healthcare in a continuing fashion to each member of the family.  We function as a team of physicians, nurses, medical and laboratory technicians as well as the administrative staff, in delivering successful healthcare.  We feel that patient education is extremely important.  We strive to do our share, and expect the patient to share the responsibility of his or her treatment or prevention plan.  It is the patient's right to understand as much as possible concerning his or her medical problems or treatment, as well as the potential consequences of them.  If you have any suggestions, questions, or complaints, please let us know.  We certainly hope that we can provide you and your family with as friendly and personal healthcare service as possible.


What is Family Practice?

Family Practice is the specialty of overall healthcare for the whole person.  Family physicians specialize in the basic medical needs of each family member, from newborn to grandparent, and that includes you.

Family physicians can provide complete care for each individual, of either sex, at any age.  We have three (3) years of specialty training after earning a medical degree.  Beyond this, we are required to participate in continuing medical education to maintain our certification.  This helps keep us up-to-date in major medical areas including internal medicine, pediatrics, newborn care, obstetrics, and gynecology (female exams and pap smears), psychiatry, minor office surgery and others.

That's why today's Family Practice Specialist can take care of most of the medical needs you and your family are likely to have.  Like the doctors of old, family physicians try to know each of you as an individual, understanding the facts of your life that have a bearing on healthcare.  Naturally, if a consultation with a subspecialist is needed, we will be happy to arrange this.

Staying healthy is even better than the best medical treatment.  Family physicians use preventive medical care to help keep you this way.  However, if you need hospitalization, we will arrange your care while you're hospitalized.

The scope of our practice includes newborn care, pediatrics, adult medicine, office gynecology, minor office surgery and simple orthopedics.

Inpatient care will be provided at East Georgia Regional Medical Center.  We have arranged for our adult patients requiring hospitalization to be admitted by a Hospitalist at East Georgia Regional Medical Center.  Problems beyond that realm of our expertise will be referred to an appropriate specialist, and subsequent care will be coordinated with that specialist.

All members of the family are encouraged, but not required, to receive their medical care from Statesboro Family Practice.  We encourage patients to see the same physician for chronic illnesses, such as Hypertension (high blood pressure), and physical examinations.

Statesboro Family Practice Clinic
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